We are pleased to announce that the Turmeric vizslas litter "Harisma" is here!!!


Litter Harisma

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first Turmeric Vizslas in Spring 2019,  about which we greatly thank Kristine Lidaka, who is Pepilottas breeder, our mentor and also our friend!


“Wedding” took place at the end of January in Poland. Many thanks to all of our friends who helped in theory and practice, medical and empathic. Very good first experience! Big thanks to Bogar’s breeder Gosia Janiec for the sharing of experiences!


Pedigree of planned litter

Read about the puppy's mother in the section Pepilotta. The puppy's dad Bogar Pepperoni Team lives in Poland and comes from the well-known Polish Vizslas Kennel “Pepperoni Team”. With his owner Maja Banasic he participates in exhibitions, actively hunts and engages in frisbee. Bogar is a beautiful, intelligent, well-trained dog with a fantastic temperament. Visit the Bogar’s FB page Bogar Pepperoni Team!