We welcome you on the website of Turmeric Hungarian Vizslas and our special girl, PEPILOTTA! We will talk here about our life with a dog - Hungarian Vizsla. 

Current topicality - we have PUPPIES! Litter HARISMA!

“Turmeric”, registered in FCI, member of VDZAB and LKF, offers for reservation overseas mated Hungarian Short-haired Vizsla puppies from beautiful, healthy and charismatic parents.

Both parents have excellent blood lines. In a carefully considered and responsibly planned breeding work, the work commenced by Hungarian and the USA Vizsla breeders is continued, which in parents’ pedigree can be traced back to uncountable generations.

In our breeding practice, we strictly adhere to EU current legislation and all welfare rules. Both parents have excellent health and temperament that can be proved by documentation.

Although the father and mother are young dogs, both have won several championship titles, and they both are FCI Interchampion candidates.

Dogs improve their hunting skills in training and actively hunt.

The quality of the puppy is determined not only by his genetic fund, but greatly also by the mother’s gestation, the labour, what care is given to the mother and the puppies.

When choosing your breeder, it is important that you trust this person and have no doubts that the puppies have received the best that the responsible breeder can give.

“Harisma” litter puppies already from the first second of their life are under constant supervision of breeders and specialists. Introducing the puppy, we will be able to reveal his character, to inform about the puppy’s development from birth until we hand it over to your caring hands.

“Harisma” litter puppies will be able to go to their new home at the end of May or at the time provided by EU law if your residence country is subject to special conditions. Puppies will be well-bred, dewormed, vaccinated, chipped, puppies will have EU passports, FCI pedigree, layette for your puppy from “Turmeric”, which will remind you every day where YOUR puppy comes from!

Puppies will be given only to responsible and serious new owners. We as breeders will be open for consultations in the puppy’s future life, we will help to start the exhibition and hunting training if the new family wants it.

Contact us, visit us and maybe TURMERIC HARISMA Vizsla will become YOUR dog!

We would like to introduce you to a wonderful, human-oriented, intelligent dog’s breed - a Hungarian Vizsla.


If you have not yet decided what kind of breed to choose for your family, it might as well be a Hungarian Vizsla.


Have a pleasant and joyful time with us!