Saldozo Prieks Princese Pepilotta, Hungarian pointer or Vizsla, born on June 2, 2016 in Latvia, most often called Pepilotta in the family, fully justified her name:


  • Saldozo - the name of the kennel. Kennel, where Pepilotta was born, is the first and for a long time the only Vizslas kennel in Latvia. Pepilotta proudly wears this name, and every person in the latvian world of Vizslas knows, that it is quality and careful, deliberate breeding. The name of kennel  is an integral part of the dogs name.
  • Prieks /Joy/ - the name of the Pepilotta’s litter and one of the names of all puppies from this litter - not only for Pepilotta, but all her brothers and sisters are named Prieks. Since our home has a Joy /Prieks/, there hasn't been a day when she wouldn't have proved it by  200%  The dog is very cheerful, playful, with a good sense of humor, and a  happy Vizsla! We really smile much more often than before Pepilotta came in our lives.
  • Princess - Pepilotta received this name from us, the new owners. When we planned for our puppy, we had to figure out what name we would give her. We had a clear idea - she is PRINCESS!
  • Pepilotta - who does not know the foxy adventurer, whose full name is Pepilotta Viktualija Rulgardīna Krisminta Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking. We all know this girl who is endowed with unusual power, imagination, joy and buoyancy! Our russed gold Princess also has a lot from Lingren’s Pepilotta! And she's a fighter!

The name was one of the criteria why we chose Pepilotta. Thanks to Kristine and Alens Lidaki for a beautiful name for our dog girl, which she, by the way, received at the age of two days! And she has been a real "bandit" since her early days, as Pepilotta shud be.

In our family, Pepilotta arrived at the age of 2.5 months and immediately felt at home. It took some time for the new family member to be adopted by the kitten, Ringla, but now we are delighted, as both girls are sleeping and bouncing together, as well as sometimes throwing away the fluff. In general, Vizsla lives well together with other dogs,  cats and other animals, as well as children.

As a dog who grows up in a decent family, starting from the age of 4 months, Pepilotta began to attend a dog school to learn obedience skills that are now well established and very useful in the life of a well-bred city dog.

We, as the owners of Pepilotta, have been the members of the Ventspils Animal Breeders Society since 2016, allowing Pepilotta to participate in FCI breed dog shows. To participate in exhibitions successfully, you have to learn!  And here we say a huge thanks to Lina Groma, who trains Pepilotta so she can perfectly show her standard and beauty in the show. Exercises must be regular in order to get the best results in the exhibitions. 

I must say that in the field of exhibitions, Pepilotta is a fighter, she likes to show off! Countless experts have noted this in the exhibition descriptions, as well as the fact that Pepilotta is a very feminine and  appropriate for the breed, Vizsla with a very good temperament.

As Vizsla is a gundog, Pepilotta improves her hunting skills in work trainings, which is a serious and rather difficult event for unprofessionals. We are glad that we have found Martins Dreiblathen, a real hunter, a real teacher for gundogs.

Also, Eriks, inspired by Pepilotta and Martins, has become a hunter and this new and interesting adventure, awaits us.

Pepilotta is a well-educated, active, well-balanced dog girl who has successfully passed the LKF-regulated temperament test and has been taught to behave well, so she can participate in almost all of her family’s activities and accompany/enjoy the company of other people, demonstrating the beauty and good qualities of the beautiful breed Vizsla.