Why Turmeric Vizslas?

Because a Vizsla is as healthy and beautiful as turmeric!

Not only as healthy and beautiful, but also in a very similar color range!

When you meet a Vizsla, rarely one can remain indifferent because of her cheerful spirit. Vizsla makes you smile even more.

Smile, of course, also has a positive effect on the overall health, the more positive emotions, the better!



As Vizsla is an active dog, her owners will not avoid regular walks and longer hikes in the fresh air.

This again has a positive effect on health by improving blood circulation, enriching the body with oxygen and improving well - being.


Vizsla, like turmeric, promotes metabolism and effectively solves excess weight problems, of course, if the owner is ready to lose weight!

Vizsla is a very empathic dog, also a great comforter who reads the master's spirit well and also tries to calm his mood and tolerance when someone is nervous.


Pepilotta's grandmother Magasparti Rutinos Jatek was very sociable and actively involved in working with children in the dog team “Ķepasspiediens”, teaching children understanding of animals, compassion and love for our little brothers.



When you live with a Vizsla, you also have a chance to get a certain dose of positive stress. We experience this when we face many challenges, but we are convinced to tackle them. In fact, this "good" stress is what helps to develop and


drive forward in full speed.

One of our positive stressors is Pepilotta’s  participation in the Dog Shows.

Moreover, Pepilott's brother Saldozo Prieks Parts with his owner Marika, successfully participates in Agility competitions.

Vizsla successfully competes with other breeds of dogs in CaniCross. We have chosen a more peaceful type of CaniCross - Nordic Walking together with Pepilota.

We are delighted that FCI (International Federation of Cynology) has registered “Turmeric” as the official name of our breeding work.