We are:

  • Members of the Ventspils Animal Breeders Society (VDZAB)
  • Owners of FCI registered affix "Turmeric" 

VDZAB is a member of the Latvian Federation of Cynological (LKF).

LKF is the largest dog breeding organization in Latvia, which unites 36 dogs lovers clubs.

The LKF is the only dog breeding organization in Latvia that has been a full member of the International Cynological Federation (FCI) since 2005. FCI is the largest international cynological organization in the world, which brings together 89 national cynological organizations from all over Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.


LKF is the only dog breeders’ organization in Latvia which demands mandatory health control - hip dysplasia and eye diseases.

Hungarian Vizsla Saldozo Prieks Princese Pepilotta is our starting point in the breeding a dog of this kind, but she is not the only dog in our lives.

The first was Darlinga Brauna, a German Short-haired gundog, who lived a happy 12-year-long dog's life. She came into our lives when our son Maris was a teenager, and she taught us to love and understand the gundog...

When Darla went to better hunting fields, we were looking for a new Kurchar for a while, but life made some corrections and our family was chosen by a black cat Ringla.


I said to Eriks, "I don't even have a cat!" But when Ringla was already at home, I was looking at her for a while, and I couldn't understand what kind of animal she was. After the dog, the cat was so strange! However, a month passed, and I could proudly say, "I even have a cat!" I can say it calmly today!


When Ringla was 5 years old, we welcomed  Pepilotta in our family, the puppy of the Saldozo kennel last litter, a girl with a yellow neck strap. We have to say that we had been following "Saldozo" for several years. We were looking for a Weimaraner. Then we realized that  "we need a dog urgently". Saldozo litter “Prieks” /Joy/ , the Hungarian Vizslas were 4 weeks old, and Kristine Lidaka kindly agreed that we came to meet the puppies. Vizsla was also researched, but meeting the lovely Pepilotta's mammy Febe Fibia Oro Saldozo or Febite and her calm and gracious mom Magaspart Rutin Jatek, Pepilota's grandmother, we came to a conclusion that a Vizsla was worth it to become her owners.


We think that to a large extent, we are currently implementing everything we told Kristine, when she asked us what we would like to do together with a dog. The answer was - we will try everything, and we will do what we enjoy the most. Pepilotta became a real challenge for us!


Indeed, in the beginning with a puppy we felt like full-time young parents.


Hungarian Vizsla is a bird dog, hence a hunter dog + very strong companion dog. Nothing happens without her at home. She is everywhere. She is happy to do everything with us! Keywords - "together with the owners"! You can read what and how we do together in the section "Pepilotta".